Public Relations in the news

The field of public relations in one that has greatly evolved throughout its history.  This evolution has, like many other industries, experienced more exponential growth in the past fifteen years especially.  There are many reasons for this.  Among them is the ever expanding technology industry.  The following video illustrates that elaborate history of the field of public relations.  It is a history that stretches back further than most realize.

The impact of expanding technology on the field of public relations is greatly due to the increased number platforms available for reaching the public.  PRNews elaborates on some of these impacts that have taken effect in recent years, and continue to grow more exponentially as the years go on.  A obvious highlight from this subject is the growing prevalence of smartphones among the American public and beyond.  These devices serve a phenomenal purpose for businesses, specifically marketers, in reaching the modern consumer.  They provide a personalized window to individual consumers, allowing them to be reached in ways which could not even be imagined thirty years ago.  iMediaConnection elaborates on a few key ways that smartphones are changing the game for marketers of all kinds.  It all boils down to how personal they are.  They allow for a whole new level of communication that is both more effective and efficient.


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