The Wonderful World of Ethics

Ethics may seem like a simple concept at first glance.  What is right verses what is wrong, some may view this as a straightforward question.  The question what is ethical, however, can be one that becomes increasingly complex from situation to situation.  This is largely due to the way different people perceive different things and situations.  Each individual person has their own set of attitudes, values, and beliefs.  These are things which are developed based on experiences these individuals have throughout their lives.  These are also the things with ultimately develop each individual’s code of ethics.  Look here to read up on what shapes our individual attitudes, values, and beliefs.

When formulating a public relations strategy, ethics should be on the forefront.  History has shown us that this has not always been the case.  Personal and corporate ambitions often eclipse the questions of ethics, leading to decisions which have contributed to the negative reputation that PR has come to hold.  Check out this page on public relations & ethics to look further into catalysts of this reputation.

It all springs from individuals.  Ethical behavior from corporations has to find its foundation in the individuals who make it up.  In order to begin building a foundation for a better reputation for public relations it has to start at an individual level.  Those who work in the field have to have strong ethical codes to help guide their decision making.

The video below discusses the importance ethical considerations in public relations, as well as highlights some interesting examples.


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