The Way of the World

Media choice is a crucial factor, in situations ranging from advertising to public relations.  Though arguments are often made that the internet and social media are obvious options, there is still a multitude of effective media options out there.  This article on cpcommunications outlines some major benefits that traditional media outlets still hold over new media options.  Though each and every one is not going to reach everyone you want them to, that is why you must know your market.  Identifying your target audience first allows you to them strategize based on where these individuals are going to be most effectively reached.

Though traditional media channels are still important for modern PR, new media options can not be ignored.  Current social media options can serve as powerful tools to the PR professional.  However, it may not be as easy as it seems.  It will not be effective to simply post and post, over saturating your followers with information.  It is also important to note that your strategy is likely to differ from that you employed on traditional media.  The platform is different here, therefore your content must be specifically tailored for your purposes, and of course, your intended audience.  Forbes has some solid strategies on how to effectively utilize various social media options to augment your public relations efforts.

The following video touches on how the PR industry has evolved as a result of social media.

All in all public relations is an industry that is going to continue to evolve and push the boundaries of where it used to lie. Continuous communication with customers through social media allows for a more intimate relationship than was possible before, and is one that will continue to evolve.


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