Going The Extra Mile, It Works.

Organizations have to maintain relations with more than one specific public.  There are a multitude of groups that come together to make up the composition of the population that organizations interact, or should interact with.  These go beyond the obvious groups, such a the direct customers that a certain organization may have.  This is an important group, however it cannot be the sole focus, others cannot be forgotten.

Employees are a public of an organization that is crucial to success.  In any business, these are the people that turn the cogs at every level to keep the organization functioning, moving forward, and hopefully thriving.  Management Study Guide outlines some reasons that make effective employee relations beneficial to any organization.  Happy employees are going to be productive employees.  Happy employees are going to be reliable employees.  Happy employees are going to be those that put a good face on your organization for all the different publics you interact with.

The community cannot be ignored.  If you want to hold a successful enterprise in anyplace you must have support from the community.  Corporate social responsibility is something that organizations have adhered to in order to create positive public perception for themselves.  However, in recent times this may no longer be enough.  Consumers are increasingly more informed and can see through transparent efforts of corporations to be socially responsible.  They now must go a step further, to obtain social license in the communities in which they operate.  Social license is a notion that organizations have an invested interest in the communities in which they operate.  It is more than just adhering to environmental regulations, it is caring about the community as a whole.  This article in Forbes goes deeper into social license, and talks tactics on how to obtain it.

The following video discusses an international example of social license to operate.

Whether you business is local or international, it is important to gain support from the local community for more reasons than one.


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